Secrets Under My Tongue

Secrets Under My Tongue

Welcome to this piece of erotic jambalaya. Savor the beguiling flavors in this stew of freaky tales that entails your innermost secretive and intimate desires. Lust, love, sexcapades and romance all find a home in this bed of engross storytelling. Secrets Under My Tongue is forbidden fire ready to heat up your night, or day. Creep with me and explore the genies palace. Make a toast to love as you drink from this magical chalice. Nude and rude, this is libido food. Eroticism overload, two souls become one in this humble and humid abode. Do you know where the traces of your lipstick will go? Then feel the flames of this fire overflow. This is a hot and steamy read for intimacy and chaotic chemistry. Indulge in this mental stimulation for cerebral penetration. Fun times ignites the divine in this playground for grown folks only. Erotica finds a home here in this bed of taboo romance. Stains of lust is deliciously lathered on these sheets of satin satisfaction. So, allow yourself to become laced with this cinnamon and cinematic grace. Engage in this recipe for your erogenous zone, I dare you to read this alone. Can you handle throbbing thrills and caramel chills? From Pharaoh’s Chambers to Forbidden Fruits, these tales have the juice. Heart throbbing and heart wrenching, prepare yourself for this passionate page turner. Underneath your tongue is a clove for each story told. You’re going to find that habanero heat can be sweet.


    Anu Vision


    ©2020 by Aliada Duncan.